Great Apps Which Make Keeping Up to Date with NBA Easy

The game of basketball was invented in the year 1891 by James Naismith from Canada. Interestingly, a soccer ball was used in the game before basketball was invented.

Over the course of the last century, the game of basketball has become immensely popular in several countries of the world. In the United States, basketball is huge as a sport, with billions of fans.

The rising popularity of the sport in the 90s led to the formation of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Today, the NBA has emerged as the most prominent basketball league in the United States as well as across the world.

There are several reasons behind the popularity of the NBA, a league with players from different countries. One of the biggest contributors to its emergence as a global league was the rise of the legend Michael Jordan.

The fact that basketball is a fast-paced game is another reason for its widespread popularity, as well as the constant scoring. Sponsorship from leading brands is a big source of revenue, which contributes to the rich portfolio of the league.

If you are an ardent fan of the sport, then you wouldn’t want to miss all the latest updates, would you? The easiest way to stay on top of the updates is to get them on your phone!

Best Apps to Stay Updated with NBA

Yes, the great news for all basketball fans is that now you have some amazing apps out there for you. They are all you need to never miss out on all that latest from the world of your favorite sport.

1] NBA App

We start the list with the official app of the NBA, because well, it’s THE official app. This app makes you feel like being a part of the global basketball community.

One of the biggest perks of having this app is that it is the first place where you get all the latest news. Here’s a quick look at what the app offers:

  • Access to a schedule of the future games.
  • Display of the scores and highlights of the recent games.
  • Provision to choose your favorite players for their stats and performance during a game.
  • Free app except access to the NBA TV feature for live matches on your smartphone.
  • Various forms of subscription.
  • Access to all the latest news and match analysis.

This app is a must-have for every basketball fan out there!

2] The Score

Well, The Score is not an app but a site, yet a must-have for all basketball fans. The site offers the following features:

  • Chat functionality that enables you to communicate with others before or during games
  • Provision to create groups to chat with your chosen members.
  • Access to all information about the games, including lineups and scores.
  • Access to the information you need, such as NBA finals odds, to indulge in sports betting for fun.
  • Provision for setting alarms for key events and match moments.

The Score is the one-stop solution you need to stay updated on all things basketball.

3] SofaScore

SofaScore is another great app that is relatively less popular but great nevertheless! The app has more than 10 million downloads on the PlayStore.

The features offered by the app are as follows:

  • User interface that is fuss-free and extremely user friendly.
  • A separate section for box scores, as well as statistics, news and media.
  • An individual built-in interface for every game.
  • Interactive chat feature that allows users to engage with fellow supporters.
  • Easy access to details for NBA betting.

4] Pro Basketball Live

Here’s another app that allows users to stay updated with the happenings in the world of basketball. The useful features offered by the Pro Basketball Live app are as follows:

  • Completely free to use app
  • Real time stats and scores updated on the app during a game.
  • Archive feature allows fans to dig deeper to find stats of previous games.
  • Access to expert analysis on new games.
  • Video highlights of games easily accessible.
  • Commentaries for every match available.
  • Provision to choose your favorite club for access to specific information
  • Access to stats of individual players.
  • Updates on Twitter activity of your favorite players.
  • Easy comparison of the sports biography of players, past and present.

This app has some really good reviews on both the AppStore and PlayStore.

5] Bleacher Report

Another useful app for basketball fans is the Bleacher Report that comes with many features.

  • Free comprehensive access to the NBA and other sports.
  • Provision to choose your favorite teams.
  • Provision to select players and leagues you are interested in.
  • Customizable notification system.
  • Updates throughout the season.

This app is one of the most downloaded apps, which makes it definitely worth a try.

So, these were just a few of the apps that you can get to stay updated with news of your favorite game. Getting these apps are worth it as you get the most significant information at your fingertips.