Movie Party: Tips For Organizing And Decorating

Let’s start planning the cinema party with the birthday person’s profile. This party theme can be used for both a children’s celebration and a 50s party. It is also worth betting on the theme for just a meeting between friends at a simple and informal party. Each of these profiles will require different planning and special decoration. For children, it is worth betting on children’s movies and characters of the moment. For the elderly, the good idea is to rescue cinema such as private cinema Manchester for example classics, remembering big names in the seventh art, such as actors and directors. You can even bet on a cinema session in a simple meeting, showing the movie of your heart.

Party Location

How many people do you intend to invite to your movie party? This is one of the key points to help you choose the party’s location. You can have the party at home for a meeting with a few people in a very informal style. If the idea is to invite more people, consider a lounge (the condominium) or an outdoor location, such as a farm.

The cinema theme can be performed both in open and closed spaces. But it’s always good to analyze the weather condition on the party date and whether the event will be held during the day or night.


The cinema party can unfold into a multitude of other themes. You can choose, for example, to make the party based on a movie you love or an actor/actress you admire. The same goes for directors. How about honoring a great name in cinema, mentioning all the films directed by the person? Another idea is to make the cinema party based on genres. There are several options for you to choose from romance, action, adventure, and horror.


After defining the theme of the movie party, start creating the invitations. On the internet, it is possible to find ready-to-print templates; customize them with your information. Distribute invitations about a month in advance. If the party is very informal, invitations can even be sent over the internet via email or messaging apps. For a larger party with more guests, prefer the traditional way and hand-deliver the invitations. Remember to use the same theme chosen for the party decor and the same color palette for the invitation. Take the time to hand out invitations to let guests know if they need to wear special attire, especially if you plan to throw a luxury movie or Oscar-themed party. In this case, it is worth asking your guests to come in formal attire.