We underestimate the greatness of Mbappe right now. He will be the icon of a new era after Messi

Leo Messi and his story of his last trip to the World Cup grabbed the attention of everyone who turned on the World Cup. Chained it so much that even the brightest performances of the other stars receded into the background. This was also the case for Kylian Mbappe, who had an outstanding final and the tournament as a whole, but was still overshadowed by the Argentine.

It seems that we are still not fully aware of the scale of the French “ten”. Kylian won the World Cup at the age of 19 as one of the key figures in the national team. Then for 180 million euros he moved to PSG, becoming the second most expensive player in the history of the game. In Paris he broke performance records and eventually got a salary higher than Messi and Neymar.

Many, explaining the Messi phenomenon, say that Leo has turned magic into everyday life. How is Mbappe any worse? This guy, who will be just 24 the day after the final, was begged to stay in France last summer by President Emmanuel Macron personally. He also comforted Kylian after the final whistle at Lusaille. Just look at this photo – it’s as if Mbappe is not paying attention to the president. It seems that even Messi and Ronaldo, with their status, would show more piety. Kylian, on the other hand, already knows his worth.

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Mbappe is only the second player in history to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final. The last time it was done by Englishman Geoff Hurst in 1966. At under 24, the Frenchman scored 12 goals in 14 World Cup games. King Pele, with whom they share sixth place, has the same statistic.

Kylian is already a great footballer. And it’s not just about his achievements. Remember how the European Championship ended for France a year and a half ago. Mbappe fails to score the decisive penalty to Switzerland and goes home. Curses of compatriots, the outrage in the press, thoughts about leaving the national team – all this Mbappe experienced at the age of 22. He survived it to come up to the mark three times in the World Cup final and coolly execute all three shots. This is the winning mentality encased in a body gifted with amazing genetics and pumped up by training. Kilian’s parents set their son on the road to greatness from childhood. He is walking on this road with broad steps and at a long distance may well surpass both Messi and Ronaldo. After the Lusaille final, there were hardly any doubters left.